Introducing the REVA

The REVA is the brainchild of Flip Marx, CEO of ICP. Mr.Marx, is a former Special Forces Colonel with extensive expertise in Armoured Personnel Carriers and ballistics. In October 2004 he was approached by a renowned security company to design and build a vehicle that could afford them the protection needed during the heightened hostility in the Iraqi conflict. Together with his team of former Special Forces servicemen and their vast experience in both tactical, engineering and weaponry know how, the first REVA Armoured Personnel Carriers with a combatproven, anti-landmine design of solid monocoque and V-shaped hull, were manufactured and delivered in Iraq in December 2004. The vehicles were immediately put into operation and proved their worth with user-suggested additions such as double-skin armouring and 63mm armoured laminated glass which was incorporated into the design.

The REVA was then also evaluated by the US Army Joint Command in Iraq and as a result ICP was awarded contracts to supply a substantial number of REVAS for the US Special Forces and the Iraqi Police Force for deployment in Iraq. During operations, the vehicle went from strength to strength and its exceptional performance in protecting the lives of civilian and military personnel resulted in further contracts.

Today, over 1500 vehicles are operational in the Middle East and Far East, where they are used by the US Special Forces, Iraq Security Forces, the Royal Thai Army, ISOC (Internal Security Operations Command in Thailand), Royal Thai Police, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique. REVAS are also deployed by the United Nations in Libya, the African Union in Somalia and by the South African Government. ICP gained extensive knowledge and operational expertise across the African continent, the Middle East and South East Asia and is dedicated to the business of designing, engineering and building the safest armoured personnel carriers in the world.