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 REVA Wheelchairs

REVA wheelchair elevation

REVA Wheelchairs are designed to be robust and strong, yet elegant in its sophistication.


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REVA boasts with the following standard features:

 REVA motorized wheelchair climbing stairs


 Big broad wheels
 Super strong castors
 Highly efficient anti-tip wheels
 Skid plate
 Low height
 High ground clearance
 Powerful 450W motors
 An unbreakable frame

Completely Unique Hull Design

  • That gives protection against rocks, branches, mud & water.
  • The hull becomes a sled in soft sand.
  • Offers easy access to battery, power and actuator units.


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The Ergonomic Seat

Offers ventilation for all day dryness. For maximum comfort and functionality the seat can:


  • Elevate
  • Recline
  • Tilt in space

Body stability has also been taken into account by providing


  • A head-rest
  • Leg support
  • Torso support
  • Lumber support 


 REVA electrical wheelchair reclining

Corrosion Protection

To ensure that your wheelchair lasts a very long time, it is constructed from the finest materials and powder coated instead of regular spray paint.

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