REVA armoured vehicles in the media


 REVA in video format.

Rhino War Collage 2013 - YouTube
REVA in IED attack Thailand 2012 - YouTube.
REVA company promotional video 

REVA in the theatres of war.

The REVA Armored Vehicle is often deployed in the theatres of war, therefore international media is bound to capture the combat proven APC in action.
Below are links taking you to such articals showing REVA MRAP's against ballistic fire and IED's in conflict.

Latest News in: Thailand 90kg landmine attack - 2013.04.10

REVA APC Armored Personnel Carrier in Yemen
8 Killed in clashes near Yemen Interior Ministry - 2012.07.31
15 killed as Yemen forces, gunmen battle in Sanaa - 2012.07.31

 Newspaper - 2012 08 26

REVA for the technically minded.

The REVA Armored Vehicle with it's V shaped hull and armored protection has engineers and technically minded people interested in how ICP REVA has designed such a successful vehicle.Our key employees get interviewed:

REVA Armored Vehicles discussed 
ICP debuts 6X6 armoured recovery vehicle at IDEX - 2013

ICP REVA Company profile in depth.

South African-based Integrated Convoy Protection designs and produces Armored Personnel Carriers for organisations as diverse as the US Special Forces and the Royal Thai Army. Managing Director Nadine Rynners discusses the flexibility of its flagship REVA brand and the challenge of providing customised vehicles for diverse areas of conflict.

ICP REVA armored vehicles manufacturing discussed. 

REVA Images in the Media. 

Armored vehicle manufacturers abound in South Africa and images of REVA Armored Personnel Carriers being used in a major military conference catalogue shows that REVA vehicles are organic brand leaders.

Strategic Defense Conference 

ICP REVA Company profile in the SA Defence Industry Directory

ICP REVA, as an armored vehicle manufacturer, takes its rightful place in SA Defence Industry Directory.  

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REVA Armored Vehicles Iraq Colours