The REVA MRAP, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, is the brainchild of Flip Marx – CEO of ICP, Integrated Convoy Protection.

Mr. Marx is a retired Special Forces Colonel with extensive expertise in Armoured Personnel Carriers and ballistics. Collectively, he and his team of former Special Forces servicemen have over 50 years’ experience in military vehicle application and development.  

In October 2004, a renowned security company identified the need for a vehicle to protect their personnel during the beginning of the Iraqi conflict. Due to the heightened hostility in the territory, an increase in IEDs and sniper fire, as well as the combination of utilization in urban and rural terrain, no existing vehicle could afford them the kind of protection they required. The security company approached Mr. Flip Marx, who with his tactical and technical Special Forces background and expertise was uniquely equipped to find their solution.

The result was the REVA Armoured Personnel Carrier. The first REVA APC's were manufactured and delivered in December 2004 and immediately put into operation in war-torn Iraq.  

The vehicle went from strength to strength in operations and its exceptional performance in protecting the lives of civilian and military personnel resulted in further contracts. 

Currently over 1000 vehicles are now operational in the Middle East and Far East, where they are used by the US Special Forces, the Multi-National Security Transitional Command in Iraq (MNSTC-I) and the Yemen Armed Forces. They are also being deployed in various African Countries like Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria and in South-East Asia.

REVA 3 Armored vehicles in convoy for Thailand