REVA armored vehicle collage


Integrated Convoy Protection’s REVA range of Armoured Vehicles has become synonymous with quality, accessibility and safety.  We are a proudly South African Company that designs and produces one of the best Armoured Personnel Carriers used in a host of markets worldwide.


The acronym REVA means Reliable, Effective, Versatile and Affordable, which personifies the clear vision of its designers: “to produce a ballistic and blast-protected vehicle, that ensures the safety of both armed forces and their personnel”.

RELIABLE With the deployment of REVA vehicles in conflict situations, we have proven the reliability of our vehicles for over a decade. Our range of Vehicles includes various Ballistic and Armour protection.  Each model is uniquely designed, and incorporates the client’s specific requirements

Our vehicles are manufactured from Internationally recognised and certified Armoured Steel, and built on a solid V-shaped Monocoque hull.  The uniquely combat proven South African design, has been modified to withstand threats encountered worldwide.

The REVA hull consists of two layers of Armoured Steel, which is composed of a 25 mm cavity to increase ballistic protection within the passenger compartment. The upper hull is supported by a V-shaped bottom plate, which is internally reinforced by a capping plate, for ultimate blast protection.

EFFECTIVE With over 1000 REVA Vehicles deployed in some of the most remote and harshest operational environments, the REVA has proven to be the most effective and reliable Armoured Personnel Carrier. Our vehicles are currently deployed in various countries such as Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Thailand, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. 

The successful performance of the REVA in these countries has proven the effectiveness and reliability of our vehicles, to protect both soldiers and personnel on the battlefield in different terrains, from desert countries in the Middle-East, to the tropical rain forest in Thailand.

It became evident during the 2005 Iraq war, where the first REVA vehicles were manufactured in Baghdad under extreme circumstances, that we have the ability and experience to set up a manufacturing and assembly plant in an end-user country.

We therefore add value, and further extend our services to the customer by providing:-

        Transfer of technology

        Skills transfer and training of local Nationals

        Expedited delivery

        Our commitment in a high risk environment

        A locally produced product

        Training of End Users, ongoing Maintenance support, Warranty support, spare-parts and services

VERSATILE The REVA is highly versatile, and has been customized to a variety of client specifications.

We strive to form a unique partnership with our customers, and do a thorough evaluation of the client’s needs, by providing a strategic assessment of the specific location and terrain, which enables us to perform an integrated risk analysis, with innovative and cost-effective solutions and configurations.  

By incorporating these requirements into the design, the vehicles are ready for immediate deployment upon delivery. 

Our team of ex-special forces and military operators has extensive experience in current international warfare trends, and tactical battlefield knowledge which we incorporate in the design and operational capacity of the vehicles.  

All systems and procedures are fully aligned with internationally recognized quality-management philosophies, which demonstrate our commitment to render a superior risk-management and loss-prevention service.   

AFFORDABLE It is the company’s belief that a sale does not signal the end of a partnership with the customer. It is therefore part of the services rendered by ICP to ensure full capability integration of the vehicles and equipment supplied, and signifies a critical phase of the partnership process. It is thus standard procedure to deploy our technicians, experienced both in a technical and tactical capacity with the vehicles in the end-user country. In addition to the deployment of our skilled personnel, we offer training and maintenance to ensure that our warranty obligations are met. The swift turn-around of services provided, enhances the operational mobility of our vehicles, thus the REVA’s design ensures an affordable choice, whereas War and IED damaged components can be replaced, to ensure that the vehicle is operational in a relatively short time.

Modular configurations are possible so that a vehicle-concept can be applied and converted with the same drive train, into an Ambulance,  Command and Control Vehicle, Weapon platform, Logistical Vehicle or any other configuration as required by the customer, therefore making REVA one of the most affordable vehicles on the market.   

We render a professional service of outstanding quality that represents good value for money, our expeditious service attests to personal care and competence, therefore enabling our customers to make informed decisions.

We are ISO certified and committed to conduct our business 

with integrity and comply with ISO standards



REVA Armoured Vehicles in Iraq with Black Hawk helicopter