reva armoured vehicles


 Integrated Convoy Protection

The Smart Choice

Integrated Convoy Protection Ltd, ICP, is a South African based company that designs and manufacturers one of the most impressive Armoured Personnel Carriers(APC) used in combat today, the REVA.

The acronym REVA stands for Reliable, Effective, Versatile and Affordable, personifying the clear mission of the vehicle and its designers – to produce a ballistic and blast protected personnel carrier that ensures the safety of armed forces and other personal.

With REVA no one gets left behind!


At ICP we strive to form a unique partnership with each client. A thorough evaluation of the clients needs, especially in terms of a strategic assessment of the specific location and terrain, enables us to perform an integrated risk analysis and to present the client with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Improvised explosive devices (IED's), car bombs, landmines and hostile sniper fire are commonplace in the theatre of war in the 21st century, and due to its proliferation, the need for the protection of both personnel and assets has increased significantly.

Combat proven, the REVA APC takes all these threats in its stride. It is a solid vehicle  with double skin armoring and the V-shaped hull design offers superb protection.

All systems and procedures are fully aligned with internationally recognised quality management philosophies, which clearly demonstrate our total commitment to rendering superior risk-management and loss-prevention services. The REVA MRAP is highly versatile and has been customised to a variety of client specifications.

At Integrated Convoy Protection(ICP) we appreciate that the sale does not signal the end of our partnership with our client, and that full capability integration forms a crucial phase of the partnership process.

REVA Armoured Vehicles in Iraq with Black Hawk helicopter